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August SNW Member Meeting

Lori Goddard-Weed & Tonja Kuntz

At our August meeting, Lori with Image Is It Styling and Tonja with cabi, shared their expertise in dressing for your body shape, building a personal brand, wardrobe satisfaction, and image confidence.  

Several SNW members modeled new Fall 2022 fashions and we had a great Q&A about paring down your closet to what you actually need, and styling questions.

Our group was formerly known as Snohomish Women Networking until January 1, 2012, when we experienced a change in leadership and it was decided that the name of the group should change as well.  We so enjoyed our time as Snohomish Women Networking and are still following the vision of the group set forth by Sandra Vandall and Betty Green. 

Sandra Vandall presented the below inspiration for Snohomish Women Networking to Betty Green of The Village Photographer in September of 1990.

"Under the auspices of The Village Photographer, our first meeting was held in November of that year.

We feel the reason for the Snohomish Women Networking’s success is the three-fold premise it was founded on:

  • Forming new friendships with women in the Snohomish Business Community.

  • Support of our fellow sisters in business as a consumer, and sharing our business expertise.

  • Most importantly, moral support, kindness and caring.

As our organization has grown over the past 28 years, it has attracted representatives of many local service groups. We are happy to welcome these dedicated members --an exemplary group of talented, professional women who work for the betterment of their businesses and the community of Snohomish.

--Sandra Vandall, co-founder of Snohomish Women Networking